Mission of INVICTUS GSC is to follow coaches and players with the utmost care, assisting them in developing their potential and becoming winners on and off the court. We believe in establishing a strong relationship with athletes, families and Clubs. To build a team around the team and win together.

Zoran Savic will direct INVICTUS GSC with the same attitude and values that made him become one of the greatest players of European basketball, winning every trophy on the court with the top teams of Europe and the ex-Yugoslavian National Team, then continuing to win in his second career, as General Manager in Italy and Spain.

From around Europe, INVICTUS GSC will consistently follow its athletes in any competition all along the territory of basketball without borders, both with Clubs and National teams. Furthermore, we will organize events dedicated to enhance their public image, including the social aspect as an essential step in the growth of a sportsman and individual.

INVICTUS GSC will offer a number of exclusive services to athletes. In particular, through our strong partnership with the ultramodern centre Sports Medicine of Barcelona, they will have the unique chance to undertake complete workouts on their physical, mental and nutritional attitude, followed by specialized doctor’s consultations, to improve performance and prevent injuries.

INVICTUS GSC, founded by Goran Savic as President, is based on the character and experience of Zoran Savic, who officially became a FIBA Agent on November 8th,  2010, with  FIBA ID number  2010023425, and took the role of CEO, and on his unconquered career. But it also consists of the continuative, specific and passionate job of the team composed of the team of managers, that they specifically wanted around them as persons they could completely trust to.